Sunday, July 22, 2012

new upcoming comic series, METALHEADS

hey wut up slashers and slayers - American Dirtbag Comics is going to be releasing a brand new series, METALHEADS, in the upcoming moons - - illustrated, defamed and destroyed by scott wygmans (me). here are some sneak peaks at a few pages I been working on. METALHEADS is sort of a take on an old comic series I had started a shit long time ago about a wizard and a body guard for a local michigan metal venue, and at the time I was calling it 'Hell, Michigan'. but shit I started movin around that time an lived in Athens, Ohio for awhile (hail skeletonwitch) an ended up back in michigan ahwile ago. I can't really claim to be of one spot these days so includin michigan in the title seemed irrelevant (- - amazed i spelled that fuckin word right without spell checking it). so here this is - jus a mix of actual people I've met or conversations I've heard/had with a million other people who are serious metalheads. the whole story is about 20 pages and definitely falls of the 'realistic' spectrum when blob monsters are gettin their eyeballs ripped out and hotdog men get uppercutted into stinky pink meat shreds - but in general, most a all this shit is based on people and things i've been/done. Stay up with this blog because I'll be posting lots of artwork from not only me, but also the extremely talented Peregrine Angthius in the future, and much more to come on her first issue released under us soon. ADC aint playin round.

kill yourself

(jus kiddin i be playin)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yo dudes. it's been a minute since I updated the ol' bloggy - but here goes back at it.
I been busy with lots of satanic ink work to make yer gam gam cry - so make sure you follow me up on my own personal art blog - - but in the meantime, here's the latest sketch I did of party pizza an whiney baby burgerhead for a true american dirtbag loyalist, whom I'm sending stickers, sketch, and comic out to soon as I'm done being hungover (who knows when that'll be)


the other more professional side of American Dirtbag Comics is my little bro bro, who's responsible for the dope Burger and PrtyPizza 8-bit stickies. - so make sur you follow him on tumblr as well -

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Detroit Comic Con 2012

what's happenin dudes !! American Dirtbag Comics jus got back from the Motor City Comic Con held annually in Detroit every year. We successfully proved all of our relatives right by not making any money in the field we love, as well as simply returning to our day jobs come monday. Pretty good ! Myself and the wonderfully talented Peregrine Angthius held down the art front, while my younger Brother held down the fort when we needed a smoke break (which was about every 10 minutes). Here's some pics of our table an our ventures into the world of self comic publishing.

original rock and roll animal himself, Party Pizza - and the feral beserker warrior Peregrine

we gonna need shades, our comic future is so bright
perry's sketchbook was a huge hit, the one to the right was a devastating nightmare
o shit !! Party Pizza issue 1 sold maybe ... 5 copies !! (four were to my mom)
Peregrine's yet to be collected comics are pictured on the right
here's the infamous Steve Wygmans with red shirt and red beard combo
(includes shades to hide massive whiskey hangover)
Peregrine and myself did manage to get some commission work.
Here's a couple characters we did from Adam Wither's and Comfort Love's 
'Rainbow in the Dark' series. 

all in all we had a great time. Nice rubbing elbows with some fine artists all around. 
Until next time kiddies,
- Party Pizza

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

yo dudes ! 

Here's a sneak peek at my all new black and white art zine, 'Red Rum'
20+ pages of Demons, Hell, and Death Metal all illustrated by 
the dark lord incarnate - Scott Wygmans

We will be running a very limited edition of the first wave of prints and they will only be available at the Motor City Comic Con 2012 happening May 18th - May 20th - so if you in the Detroit area
come burn one down and say shuts up with some of your favorite American Dirtbags.

Friday, April 20, 2012

what up puke buckets !! happy holidaze !! the VERY 1st issue of Party Pizza is available NOW for pre-order with AMERICAN DIRTBAG COMIX. all you have to do is visit the brand new American Dirtbag Comics online store, and you ready to party !!
10 bones gets you 24 pages of awesome party stories following the original rock and roll animal himself, PARTY PIZZA - as he drinks, smokes, fucks, and gambles his life away with his other brain damaged numbskull buds. Also - Burgerhead is in it. Comic includes an activities section along with stickers for you to create your very own BRGRHEAD and PARTY PIZZA !! holy shitballs !! drink some orange juice GIT HIGHER
party on dudes !!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

yo dudes. this is the official blog for AMERICAN DIRTBAG COMICS
I hope to not only to publish my own work, but represent some of the best and the dirtiest.
check back soon for updates, comics, and horror

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