Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Detroit Comic Con 2012

what's happenin dudes !! American Dirtbag Comics jus got back from the Motor City Comic Con held annually in Detroit every year. We successfully proved all of our relatives right by not making any money in the field we love, as well as simply returning to our day jobs come monday. Pretty good ! Myself and the wonderfully talented Peregrine Angthius held down the art front, while my younger Brother held down the fort when we needed a smoke break (which was about every 10 minutes). Here's some pics of our table an our ventures into the world of self comic publishing.

original rock and roll animal himself, Party Pizza - and the feral beserker warrior Peregrine

we gonna need shades, our comic future is so bright
perry's sketchbook was a huge hit, the one to the right was a devastating nightmare
o shit !! Party Pizza issue 1 sold maybe ... 5 copies !! (four were to my mom)
Peregrine's yet to be collected comics are pictured on the right
here's the infamous Steve Wygmans with red shirt and red beard combo
(includes shades to hide massive whiskey hangover)
Peregrine and myself did manage to get some commission work.
Here's a couple characters we did from Adam Wither's and Comfort Love's 
'Rainbow in the Dark' series. 

all in all we had a great time. Nice rubbing elbows with some fine artists all around. 
Until next time kiddies,
- Party Pizza

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